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BBQ Sauce

Saturday Sweet

Weekends just got a little sweeter. Our tangy blend of tomato, vinegar and a delightfully sweet twist adds depth, not heat, to your barbecue favorites. Delicious on all things grilled, marinated, smoked or slow-cooked and a dip for fries, nachos and chips. Become a BBQ Legend: Saturday Sweet is perfect for the grill, smoker or slow cooker. Use it as a marinade or apply directly to cuts of beef, pork and poultry. Enjoy true pitmaster flavor from the comfort of your kitchen or backyard. Layer the Flavors: Adds a balance of tomato, vinegar and sweetness. Goes great on everything from tacos to pizza. Skip the Ketchup: Discover your new favorite dipping sauce for fries, chips, or even vegetables. It's outstanding on a burger as well. Product Details: 16 oz bottle; 32 servings per container; Gluten, soy and nut free; Certified organic; Free of preservatives and artificial flavors